Great White North Award

The Great White North Award is presented for making Amateur Radio contacts in the following categories:

*A contact with each of the 13 provinces/territories of Canada.
* Contacts with 20 different Canadian callsign prefixes.
* Contacts with 10 different Canadian Islands.
* Contacts with 5 different Canadian Lighthouses.

The award plaque will be issued for achieving any one of the categories. Endorsement plates can then be added to the plaque for each subsequent category as it is achieved. Separate numbers will be awarded for each category.

Contacts may be with any licensed Amateur stations, whether fixed, portable or mobile.

Confirmations are not required for this award. Submit a computer or other list, listing the contacts you are claiming as follows: {Province,prefix,island, or lighthouse} , Call worked, Band, Mode.

With your list of contacts, submit a signed statement as follows: I certify upon my honor that the contacts listed have been made in the manner represented, and that I have obeyed the awards rules and all Amateur Radio rules as set forth by my licensing authority while making these contacts. Signature- Date-

Awards may be endorsed to reflect your operating accomplishments. For example: CW, SSB, Single Band, Mobile, etc.

Contacts may be made from any station location, during any span of time, and using any callsigns issued to you by a licensing authority. SWLs may apply on a heard basis.

Canadian Provinces/Territories

VO1-VO2 Newfoundland-Labrador
VE4 Manitoba
VE1 Nova Scotia
VE5 Saskatchewan
VE1-VE9 New Brunswick
VE6 Alberta
VY2-VE1 Prince Edward Island
VE7/VA7 British Columbia
VE2/VA2 Quebec
VE8 Northwest Territories
VE3/VA3 Ontario
VY1 Yukon
VY0 Nunavut

Canadian Islands List

Lighthouse List


Name_________________________________________ {As you would like it to appear on award}



State_________________ Postal code_____________


Phone________________ EMail_________________

{Any applicable you wish on the award}

Cost of the award plaque is $90.00 US and Canada $100.00 overseas airmail

Cost of each endorsement plate for a new category achieved is $15.00

Send application, contact list, certification statement, and payment to:

Duane Traver {WV2B, VA1ZZ}
P.O. Box 25
Seagrove, NC 27341-0025

E-Mail -

Price and Plaque style subject
to change without notice.

Payment may be also be made by PayPal to

Awards Issued

13 provinces/territories of Canada
#002 AB0BM {All CW}
#003 W7LUX {All Digital}

20 different Canadian callsign prefixes
#002 WV2B
#003 AB0BM {All CW}

10 different Canadian Islands
#002 WV2B
#003 AB0BM {All CW}

5 different Canadian Lighthouses
#002 WV2B

Maritime Counties Award
United States Prefix Award
48 Hour 100 Nation Award

BH After several decades, it is time to retire from managing these awards. If you, your group, or club would like to take over sponsorship, please contact me.