2006 US Counties QSO Party, SSB

0000Z Saturday May 20, to 2400Z Sunday May 21, 2006

Sponsored by The Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club.

RULES: Work fixed Stations once on each band and Mobiles in each county/band. Countylines count as one QSO but separate multipliers. A station may not operate more than one transmitter at one time.

EXCHANGE: RS signal report and county/state, Stations not in a US County exchange RS signal report and "DX".

SCORING: For a valid contact, one station must be in a U.S. County. One point for U.S. fixed stations; 15 points for U.S. Mobiles; U.S. stations count 5 points for contacts with DX {non-US} or US possessions {KP2, KP4, etc.}. Net contacts are invalid. FINAL SCORE = TOTAL QSO POINTS times TOTAL NUMBER OF U. S. COUNTIES WORKED.

Mobiles calculate scores for each state and total score. Total score multiplier is each unique county regardless of the mobile's county or band.

3880, 7240, 14275, 21340, 28340
Fixed stations should try to CQ above listed frequencies, and mobiles below.

MARAC Contest Plaques:
1st and 2nd place U. S. Mobile.
1st and 2nd place U.S. Fixed.
1st place Canadian Station.
1st place DX station.

MARAC Contest Certificates:
First Place Mobile in each State.
First Place Fixed in each State, Canadian Province, and Country.
Additional certificates at the discretion of the contest chairmen.

MARAC Participation Certificate:
All participants making at least 100 contest QSOs

Log Submission

Please note that the contest chairmen will not score your log. If any instructions are not understood please E-mail for clarification before submitting the logs. Unscored logs will be considered check logs only.

Please include a Summary Sheet! total score, qsos, points, mutipliers.

Send completed logs and summary sheet postmarked by June 19, 2006 to:
US logs-
Duane Traver, WV2B
P.O. box 607
Candor, NY 13743-0607
E-mail to wv2b@juno.com

Logs from outside US to-
Scott Nichols, VE1OP
P.O. Box 1796
North sydney, NS B2A 3S9
E-mail to snichols@mvosprey.com

Logs may be submitted via E-mail in ASCII text format. Please name the file "yourcall.txt" {Example- WV2B.txt}.

Contest package available on request.

Downloadable/printable Log Sheets:
MS Word Version
Adobe Acrobat Version
Summary Sheet


Definition of Mobile
Definition of County Line

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