St. Paul Island
"The Graveyard of the Gulf"

Amateur Radio

St. Paul Island is of interest to amateur radio operators because a radio contact with an operator on St. Paul Island counts for various operating acheivement awards. It usually stays somewhere around the 100th most wanted DXCC entity. It also has two lighthouses, and counts for the Canadian Islands award.

Expeditions to the island for amateur radio purposes take place in the summer months of July or August. The Coast Guard will no longer give permission to use the remaining buildings on the island, all in poor shape, so operation takes place from tents. Before July and after August the weather becomes too severe and unpredictable to permit a safe activation.

A DXpedition requires a land-use permit issued by the Canadian Coast Guard in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They also require a $2 million general liability insurance policy in order to obtain a permit. A fishing boat must be chartered for transport to the island.

A special amateur license is not required to operate from the island. The prefix CY9 has been assigned to the island by Communications Canada. Canadian licensed hams can ask for a CY9 call to be assigned for personal use, or use by a group. US or Canadian hams may operate signing home call/CY9. Hams from other countries would need to follow Canadian regulations which apply.

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CY9SS June 7-July 7, 2005
St. Paul Regulations
CY9A 2003
CY9DH 2002
Clymene shipwreck expedition 2001
WV2B/CY9 1993, 1998, 2000
CY9SS 1999
CY9CWI 1999
CY9AA 1997
K0SN/CY9 QSL 1994
CY9R QSL 1993
CY9CF QSL 1990
XJ3ZZ/1 1977


VE9DH, VE1AAO, W0SD, W7XU CY9DH 2002 Operation

WV2B and John Buchanan 1993

WA2UJH/CY9 {now N2NB, standing}and WV2B/CY9 1993 operate from the oil shack at Atlantic Cove {building now gone}.

KT1J, WV2B, AI5P, WA4RX {now WS4V} 2000

Bill Budge, Anthony Budge, KT1J 2000

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